The Hanson’s Singles That Made It To The Billboard Top List
The Hanson’s Singles That Made It To The Billboard Top List

The Hanson is the popular rock and pop band of its time and its discography is full of the achievements and songs which are the hit of their times and were most liked by the people. The Hanson enjoyed the best of fan following at the peak time of their career and produced a lot of hit albums with many different kinds of songs. In spite of being youngsters they had a certain maturity in their voices and they also ruled the hearts of many people by means of their songs. They produced such numbers which occupied the top positions in the lists exposed on billboards and many other songs also earned nominations and fetched awards for them as well.

  1. I will come to you

The song with the lyrics I Will Come to You was produced and sung by the pop rock band of America. This song was released in November 1997 and this was the third single song which was included on the debut album of the band named Middle of Nowhere. The album was also released in the same year as the releasing year of the song. The song was so much liked and followed that it occupied the fifth number on the ranking of singles in the UK and nineth number on the ranking of singles charts of US billboard out of 100.

  1. Mmmbop

MMMBop is the song which was not by performed by the band Hanson but it was also written by the band members. It was included in the album of the band named Middle of Nowhere. This album was released in 1997. The song gained so much popularity and it reaches the hall of fame that it was nominated for two Grammy awards in the 4oth Annual ceremony of the Grammy in 1998. This single of the band Hanson is so much famous that it is even sung and remembered nowadays. This song was considered to be a phenomenal success for the band as it also fetched awards for the band and remained on top of the list for 3 weeks in the list of single debuts in 27 countries.

  1. This Time Around

 This Time Around song was also written by the band members themselves and it was performed in the pop rock style. It was included in the second studio album by the band and was the second single of the album. The album was also given the same name as the song and it was released in 2000.

  1. If Only

Like almost all the song of the Hanson Band, If Only was also written by the band members themselves and it was included in the album named This Time Around released in 2000. This song was placed on the first number in the montage of songs in the album. This song brought the honor for the band to be on the top ten list of songs in Italy, Finland, and Australia.

  1. Penny & Me

Penny & Me song was the part of the third album of the pop rock band Hanson which was released in 2004 by the name of Underneath. This was a commercial studio album of the band and the song was basically the dedication to the colleague of their father whose name was Penny.

For more than 20 years, Hanson rocks this universe with their hits, and I love them for it. For those of you who do not know them, Hanson is an American pop rock band. Three brothers established the band in 1992, and it kept rocking ever since.

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