My Take on Hanson’s Discography
My Take on Hanson’s Discography

I want to devote this page to telling you in detail about each of the Hanson’s albums. I will tell you about my favorite songs from each of them, as well as what awards they received. I hope that after reading this post, those of you who have never listened to the band, will find their songs online and enjoy them. So, let me tell you about the studio albums. Over the course of more than 20 years, the band released six studio albums, as I mentioned in the band’s history on the About Hanson page, with the “Anthem”being their last so far, released in 2013.

#1: Middle of Nowhere (1997)

This album is quite a catch. It is a first studio album of Hanson and it was received by critics very well. I’m sure the fans were excited when independent Hanson in a blink of an eye went “viral” globally.

  • Favorite songs: “MMMBop”, “Thinking of You”, “I Will Come to You”, and “Where’s the Love”.
  • Achievements: 5x Platinum in Australia and Canada, Platinum in Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and Europe in general, and Gold in Austria, Finland, Germany, Poland, etc.

#2: This Time Around (2000)

There were some other albums before this one, including a Christmas special edition, but this is officially the second full-size album. It did not achieve the same success ad “Middle of Nowhere”, partially because in it the band shifted to more classic rock sounds.

  • Favorite songs: “If Only”, “This Time Around”, and “Wish That I Was There”.
  • Achievements: The album did not become gold or platinum, and the highest ranking it got in charts was a 9th position in Swedish Albums Chart.

#3: Underneath (2004)

The first album released on Hanson’s own independent record label 3CG. Officially, this is the lowest-selling album. Too bad, because I like it anyway.

  • Favorite songs: “Lost Without Each Other”, “Strong Enough to Break”, and “When You’re Gone”.
  • Achievements:The album did not become gold or platinum, but it got the first position in US Billboard Top Independent Albums chart.

#4: The Walk (2007)

This album proved to be heavier in the music style, but did not receive wide recognition either.

  • Favorite songs: “Great Divide”, “Go”, “Something Going Round”, and “Fire on the Mountain”.
  • Achievements:The album did not become gold or platinum, and showed little to no activity in the charts.

#5: Shout It Out (2010)

This album kind of brought the band back to rock the charts. It was released in Japan, US, UK and Philippines.

  • Favorite songs: “Thinking ‘Bout Something”, “Kiss Me When You Come Home”, and “Voice in the Chorus”.
  • Achievements:The album did not become gold or platinum, but it got the second position in U.S Billboard Top Independent Album.

#6: Anthem (2013)

“Anthem” could have a much wider success, if only it had the “MMMBop” on it. However, it did make it to the chart positions and it did generate one good single, making in a way a comeback for the band.

  • Favorite songs: “Get the Girl Back”, “Cut Right Through Me”, and “Scream and Be Free”.
  • Achievements:The album did not become gold or platinum, and the highest rank it received was the 22nd position in US Billboard 200.

So, this was my take on Hanson’s discography. Those are the songs I like the most from the six albums released up to date. If you would like to share your favorite songs or comment on mine, please do so in the comment section on the blog. I will be looking forward to your opinions!

For more than 20 years, Hanson rocks this universe with their hits, and I love them for it. For those of you who do not know them, Hanson is an American pop rock band. Three brothers established the band in 1992, and it kept rocking ever since.

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