Hanson facts that every Fan should know
Hanson facts that every Fan should know

Many times we may know something about a thing but in reality what we see is not necessarily truth. I have made assumptions all of my life that turned out to be wrong which we all do from time to time but I believe that sometimes we just have to dig into the well and learn.

I didn’t know much about the beginnings of the group Hanson until recently but was intrigued by what I learned enough to want to share. When I look back at their beginnings I can see how there was a path laid for them even though it does not seem so obvious.

I personally think that many of the circumstances of their childhood served to push them in the right direction and as they followed they were groomed to be successful at what they do. Hard work is a part of success and I can see where the hard work certainly played in their favor. It is better to be prepared through hard work than to have to get prepared when opportunity happens to come along.

child-68971_1920Humble Beginnings

It seems that those who come up from humble beginnings last the longest in life. When we are forged in the fire it toughens us and causes us to go farther once we come out of it. I for one didn’t know that the Hanson brothers had to do a lot of moving around as children with their father and his job. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of lifestyle, but I believe that it has really helped them more than it has hurt them.

I am familiar with the military and I have seen what that lifestyle does to military children. It certainly makes them friendlier because they have to learn to get along with all types of people. I think that this is one of the things that has helped the career of this group. I may be wrong but I am entitled to my own opinion.

You have to learn to have a presence that will carry your image safely across all cultures. People all over the world are different and the things that are offensive in one culture may be perfectly OK in another. This seems to carry over with kids who have experienced other cultures at an early age and they seem to be more unbiased. It is good to be able to interact comfortably with the people that you are with regardless of where that may be or who they are.

Humble Background

I had often wondered if the Hansen’s had come from a musical background but the fact is that they didn’t. Now I really don’t know what got them started in the direction that they ended up taking but it really wasn’t their parents. There may have been a dormant gene or two embedded deep in the gene pool that eventually sprouted and came to life. I like the foundation that the brothers started from because as far as I am concerned it was the real deal as far as I am concerned because of the artists that they grew up admiring.

chuck-berry-394429_1280I was reading that they began listening to groups like Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, Johnnie Taylor, Otis Redding, and Aretha Franklin. Now that’s some class A music to cut your jaw teeth on. They pattern themselves after The Jackson 5 and the Osmonds. Still excellent beginnings. The only difference is that the Jackson 5 and the Osbornes were common names at one time but have faded out in the due process of time. 


As far as popularity goes the band reminds me of the Osmonds when I think about their beginnings. They never had a problem gaining a following and crowds would gather wherever they happened to be, of course they remained popular with the women which may count more when it comes to entertainment because it seems that women are more passionate about the arts than men.

For more than 20 years, Hanson rocks this universe with their hits, and I love them for it. For those of you who do not know them, Hanson is an American pop rock band. Three brothers established the band in 1992, and it kept rocking ever since.

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