In this post, I will share the most common questions I receive from my friends and follower about Hanson. Since I’m the biggest fan, I will gladly answer any of the questions you might have about the bands’ history, structure discography, and present life. Here are the most common questions I get:

Q: Who is behind the “Hanson” label?

A: Three brothers: Isaac, Taylor and Zac (Zachary) Hanson. Isaac sings the lead and back-up vocals, plays piano, bass, synth, and electric and acoustic guitar. Taylor also sings both vocals, plays percussion, piano, guitar, harmonica and keyboard. He is also participating in a side project, Tinted Windows, in case you are interested in the brother’s talents. Zach is the youngest brother. He, like the others, signs both vocals, as well as plays drums, piano, guitar and percussion.

Q: How old were the Hanson brothers when they started the band?

A: Isaac was 11, Taylor – 9, and Zac – only 6.

Q: So they are like all grown up, married and with kids, right?

A: All of them are happily married. Isaac has three children, Taylor has five, and Zac – three.

Q: Which Hanson’s album can be considered the most successful of all?

A: “Middle of Nowhere” (1997). This album became 5x platinum in two countries, 4x, 3x and 2x platinum in one country each, platinum in five countries, 2x gold in one country and gold in eight countries. Worldwide they sold around 10 million copies, which I think is a lot for 1997. Not only this album received so many certifications, but it also ranked high in weekly charts across the world, including most notable first positions in weekly charts of Australia, Germany, Taiwan and the UK. It ranked second in the US charts. Moreover, the album was received very well by the critics.

Q: Why did the Hanson become an independent label after successfully releasing two studio albums with their previous record studio?

A: A problem occurred in 2000, when “This Time Around” was released. The record label did not manage to collect necessary funding for the band to go on a tour in support of their new album. This made Hanson use money out of their own pockets to pay the expenses for the tour. After that, they did not want to continue contracting with their record company, and instead established their own, independent label.

Q: Did the band receive any award for being, like, “the best pop rock band”?

A: As far as I know, they received a nomination for Grammy, but that is as far as it went.

Date Trivia

Q: When was the band established?

A: 1992.

Q: When did Hanson release their first studio album?

A: 1997. The album was called “Middle of Nowhere”.

Q: When was the last album released so far?

A: 2013. The album is “Anthem”.

Q: When did Hanson turn down their record company and become an independent label?

A: In 2000, after the release of “This Time Around”.