A Few Words

For more than 20 years, Hanson rocks this universe with their hits, and I love them for it. For those of you who do not know them, Hanson is an American pop rock band. Three brothers established the band in 1992, and it kept rocking ever since. I am a big fan of the band myself, and I decided to create this blog and share it with all the fans out there, who are just like me admiring their favorite rock stars.

hanson_1205506367If you just stumbled upon this blog without really knowing who I am talking about, let me introduce you to those guys. Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson created the Hanson Brothers band in 1992, shortened the name to Hanson in 1993, and until 1997 have been an independent band. They got a lot of fans during that time, and when in 1997 they released their debut album “Middle of Nowhere”, that was a total blast. In the first ten years of their career, the brothers released four studio albums, and increased that number to six, with the last album to-date “Anthem” released in 2013.

The Hanson’s very first album was such a success that the same year a documentary was released, called “Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere.” In 1998, the brothers went ahead and had their autobiography, “Hanson: The Official Book,” written. They had a blast until 2000, when they released their second album, but the record studio did not get enough funding to support their tour for the new album. The brothers still went on the tour, but used their own funds to pay for it.

After the event of 2000 and more than 50 songs rejected, Hanson left the studio and decided to look for something that would give them freedom that is more creative. They signed with a different record label, and now prosperously continue mastering their craft. There have been documentaries shot about this particular period of their struggle. But the band enjoyed being independent artists.

Between 2006 and 2008, Hanson released yet another album, “The Walk”, as well as re-recorded their very first one, “Middle of Nowhere.” They also launched a documentary podcast as a way of promoting “The Walk.” Between 2009 and 2011, they released one more album under the name “Shout It Out.” They also went on several tours, including the U.S. Musical Ride Tour, which was special, because the band went to Latin America and Europe in order to promote their new album on the international arena.bass-guitar-894524_1920

After 2013, and the release of the last album so far, which is called “Anthem,” the band still keeps their fans engaged by appearing in the media and participating in charity events. Having in their portfolio six studio albums, 13 tours including international, and appearances in 15 documentaries, Hanson are definitely my favorites. Now when the press discusses their age and the transition from “boys” to “men,” I personally want to focus on their career rather that appearance.